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Isis + Aereogramme - Delial

Isis + Aereogramme - Stolen

Once the tallow hardens, you skim off a layer of glycerin. If you were to add nitric acid, you got nitroglycerin. If you were to add sodium nitrate and a dash of sawdust, you got dynamite. Yeah, with enough soap we could blow just about anything.


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The Offspring - Demons

This is back when they were a decent sounding band.  Love the look on Dexter Holland’s face when he looks over and gives a “what the fuck, lol, what’s going on here?” look about the pit being full of skinheads.

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netwaves 4.15 “blocSonic Special”

Netwaves interviews Michael Gregoire, the man behind the blocSonic project.

« For the past decade an alternative culture of music has been sprouting up outside the wastelands of the increasingly formulaic and compartmentalized mainstream music business. This world of “netaudio” is generally released freely, either independently or through netlabels. As this culture continues to grow, the amount of available music grows exponentially making it increasingly difficult for folks who are new to the culture to filter the good from the bad. Each of our free releases, in one way or another, are an attempt to shine the spotlight on what we think is the best of what this world has to offer.

Consider blocSonic a filter through which you can discover this vibrant, global culture!  Currently there are three ways which we spotlight what the netaudio world has to offer…  — continue reading this post on blocSonic »

Featured in the netwaves 4.15 podcast…

Rescue my old cassette in Japon Occidental - Boris Balkan
Brick Tones (feat. L’Omelette) - DegiHeugi
Sooner or later (feat. Christina Courtin) - Amanyth
Life on Ceres - Marco Kalnenek
The Void Triumph - Normaa
Herons are Mellow - Daniel Maze
Boomtown (feat. Wordsmith) - ETHX
Hot July - Monk Turner
Gimme - Christine
Long transfer (2006 rework) - Phour Trakk
Quincallier de Style - Thierry Blanchard
The Airport Dots - Cezary Ostrowsky
Don’t talk, shoot! - Disrupt
Mr. Pig & Mr. Chrome - Vernon LeNoir

netwaves’ live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium.  The program is compiled by netwaves.

This audio is part of the collection: netwaves and netlabels

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Aras - En as i dype skogen

En Grind stod apen, en rytter viste seg
En Kald Take hadde lagt seg over marken
Ni Svarte hester, og ni armerte menn
Et øye stirret Olmt ned fra et flagg

Stillhet senket seg, da folget stoppet opp
de stoppet i en sirkel rundt en sten
Stille red de mot den, og forsvant da de kom fram
for Steiner var en tanke fylt av Kraft

Stjerner pa en himmel, som aldri faller ned
Lysglimt i en natt som varer evig
Tusen Kalde Vintre, med kun Kulde og Forakt
Det finnes ingen sommer uten Vinter

I en Gammel Skog, hvorhen troll og tusser vandret
var en stein som rorte seg og ble til liv
Ni armerte men, pa ni gra stolte hester
bar en fane hvorpa Oyet viste seg

Ihver en natt er et nytt morke
Ihver en Vinter fryser jeg
men dog Aldri skal jeg grate
for Stolt red jeg jo dengang
ut av den dype skogen

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